Fantastic Focaccia! Spelt, Durum or Bread…

Aug 8th
Michelles Focaccia recipe..

Flour that is….Which one to use?

The Greedyboys LOVE Focaccia.

Normally I make it with a bread flour, high protein flour or a mix of bread and all-purpose flour.

Yesterday I decided to make it with a durum wheat/ bread flour mix.

Very tasty…

Today I REALLY branched out and made it with spelt.

with Durum..

with Durum..

with bread flour

with bread flour

with spelt

with spelt

 If you are not a BREADY freak, then skip ahead to the recipe & piccies.

Spelt is an ancient grain used by the Romans and it is being used more often now with the rise in wheat allergies/intolerance.

It has like a ‘nutty’ taste, that is the best way to describe it I suppose.

I have been hesitant to use it as it can be harder to work with than wheat , even though it is still high in protein, its lower in gluten.



Spelt is great if you have wheat intolerance/ allergies and its has a high nutritional value.

If you want to know a bit more about Spelt in bread, have a look at this Fresh Loaf link.

Ok, lesson over…Lets get on with it!

Take my original Focaccia recipe and this is how you alter it.

Really easy, I promise.

I will give you the Durum wheat option and the Spelt option.

durum focaccia

durum focaccia

With the durum focaccia, I just did a half and half mix of the Durum flour and the High Protein flour I had.

I also added a wee bit more Olive oil in the mix and I kneaded it a little longer being such a hard flour.

But I have to say, I have never found Durum hard to work with..Its a pleasure and the Taste!!


That was the only change if you are using Durum.

My only moan was that I didn’t have enough Olive oil for the topping!

durum flour focaccia

durum flour focaccia

With the Spelt, I did a 3 cups spelt/ 1 cup bread flour mix.

I also added a wee bit more yeast for a wee boost as spelt doesn’t rise as much and kneaded it less 2-3 minutes because of the lower gluten levels.

I had read that you can reduce the oven temperature by 30 degrees but I didn’t do that as focaccia is relatively flat and not needing long to cook through.

However, I would consider it for a round or baton loaf.

spelt dough

spelt dough

durum flour dough

durum flour dough

durum flour focaccia

durum flour focaccia

I must admit  I really liked the Spelt focaccia but I like all focaccia!!

So perhaps I am not the best judge.

You make it, What do you think?

Durum flour makes gorgeous Altamura bread.

spelt flour...

spelt flour…

If you are looking for a good place to buy a great variety of flours in NZ, My bread mix is fabulous!!

They have a wide variety and I like to try different flours.

Kamut is what I will try next:)

Did you enjoy that focaccia ?

Have you tried Pane di Patate?

Maritozzi buns?

Casatiello? Yummy sausage and cheese bread from Naples.

P1040536 (800x600)


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